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Q. How do I use this website?

A. You can browse and buy items as a guest, or if you have a Bulk Meat Sales membership, you can log in with your credentials and your membership pricing will automatically apply to all items on the site.

Q. How do I login if I’m a member?

A.   You just click on the little person icon in the top right corner of the site, which will bring you to the login screen.

Q. How do I know how much savings I’m getting when I buy bulk items?

A.  While logged in, when you view details on any item listed on you will be presented with your member pricing, and beside that will be another price with a slash through it.  That is the price you would see if you didn’t have a membership with us!



Q. Why is the price for in-store products so much higher than bulk ordered products?

A. Every business has unseen costs, from utilities to labour to packaging, all of which drive up the final selling prices of products. For bulk meat orders, we can offer lower prices because there are no additional costs unless you choose to have us process the product as well. In those cases, additional charges still apply depending on the processing you choose but buying in bulk still reduces the price.

Q.  Why do some prices change frequently?

A. Because we are selling the bulk products to you at a significant discount, we update them when our supplier prices change.

Q. All of the bulk products are priced by the whole item. How do I figure out how much each product is by weight (kilogram/pound)?

A.  The prices listed are based on the ‘average’ size of each product.  To get the price by weight, take the price listed for a particular product, and divide it by the weight of the product in question. (all products have the ‘average’ weight listed with the description.)



Q. Why do you re-grind the ground beef before packaging it?

A.  The ground beef arrives to us compressed into the tubes from the supplier and regrinding it before re-packaging produces a better texture.

Q. What if I don’t want to cut the meat myself?

A. We still offer processing options for the bulk meat purchases, including cutting the meat into desired portions, grinding, and packaging in brown paper wrap or vacuum sealing in cryovac bags for freezer storage.



Q. How do I get a membership?

A. For the time being, you can buy a membership in-store at Yukon Sausage.  Hopefully, very soon we will provide the option to buy a membership online when you make your first order!

Q. What are the benefits of buying a membership?

A. There are many benefits to being a member of Bulk Meat Sales.

- Huge savings on whole cuts of meat by giving you access to our entire ordering catalog at to shop from the comfort of your home. 

- 10% off of all products at Yukon Sausage

Q. Why do I have to buy a membership to save?

A. We have always striven to provide the best quality products while keeping prices competitive for our customers.  The membership option reduces prices further for customers that are interested in buying large quantities and/or processing the cuts of meat by cutting it at home.

Q. How can I see member pricing before I order?

A. Call 780-865-5211 for more details regarding specific items.

Q.  How much will I save with a membership?

A. The savings depend on the products you choose to order in bulk, but in-store pricing is 10% savings every day.



In the future, we plan to offer local delivery options for all products and expanded shipping for a limited selection of products.